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Six Mile, SC† 29682

Ridgeland Drive Baptist Church

"Sharing God's Love"

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Welcome to Ridgeland Drive Baptist Churchís corner of the World Wide Web.† Here you will discover many things about our ministries as we attempt to faithfully be the presence of Christ and share Godís love with Six Mile and throughout Godís Creation.

Please look around and get to know our Family of Faith.† However, this is only a snapshot of who we are.† We invite you to be our guest and worship with us or be involved in one of our ministries.† Only then will you truly know what a caring and nurturing community of believers this is.

Thank you for your visit.† If there is some way that we can share Godís love with you, or if you have a question, please contact our church office.

May Godís richest blessing be yours!

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††††††††††††††††††††††† Six Mile, SC† 29682

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Email:††††††††††† info@ridgelanddrivebc.org

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††††††††††††††††††††††† 185 Ridgeland Drive

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Phone: ††††††††† 864-868-5050